Free Wills Month
Fat Fluffs

This month you can support Fat Fluffs and get your Will written for FREE
Free Wills Month gives you the opportunity to have your Will written free of charge and support Fat Fluffs.
This customised free will writing service allows you to provide for your loved ones after you have gone, and also allows you to leave a donation to your preferred charity.
You will be offered helpful step-by-step assistance, allowing you to complete a fully legal Will within 15 minutes or so.
As part of the service, practising solicitors will check your Will for any errors to ensure you have true peace of mind.
This service allows you to make your own unique fully legal will for free from the comfort of your own home. Free Wills Month is provided to people of all ages who wish to help Fat Fluffs will writing.
Fat Fluffs free will
FreeWills is delighted to be supporting Fat Fluffs by helping you make a will, for free.

Leave A Gift In Your Will to Fat Fluffs

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