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In Need of a Last Will and Testament Template in the UK?+

Bequeathing your assets and your estate should be a chance to have peace of mind regarding your legacy. But unfortunately, inheritance and will writing can be a lucrative business, and even the most straightforward of wills can run into high costs when dealt with by solicitors. It's for this reason that many people are looking for ways to create their will themselves.

It is wise to start by looking for a last will and testament template in the UK. These fill in all the legal jargon, clauses, sub-clauses and conditions you need for the will to be official and can be easily adapted to your specific needs and requirements. Of course, you must be careful to make sure they are genuine and are legally sound when writing a will without a solicitor.

Free and Simple Last Will and Testament Templates+

As the second largest will writer in the UK, we've made it our goal to offer legitimate, credible and dependable last will and testament kits. We are full members of the Society of Will Writers and have worked hard to put together a unique service for those looking to write their will without having to spend a fortune. It's based on our bespoke software, an intelligent will writing program developed by software engineers and experts in UK law, estate planning and inheritance.

The service is incredibly simple to use and, for most people should take less than fifteen minutes to complete. You won't need to have a dictionary on standby, either, as we have streamlined the jargon and made it easy to understand. Follow the step-by-step guidance, and as soon as you are finished, you will benefit from a complete, legally binding will, which:

  • · Has been checked and certified by experts
  • · Is written in plain English so it's easy to understand
  • · Can be updated any time for free
  • · Comes with a will storage guide to help you keep it safe for the future
  • · Is available straight away
  • · You use it for mirror wills also.

Last Will and Testament Template Without A Solicitor+

It's a service that has helped thousands of people to manage their legacy and bequeathals without having to make constant trips to a solicitor or paying out extra fees. Many have found it to be an easy and convenient way of creating a last will and testament in the UK.

It's a standard UK will template designed to address the lack of understanding that many people have over inheritance management, as some 60% of adults in the UK don't have a will. By using our service, you will:

  • · Be able to manage who gets your state
  • · Offer your family peace of mind
  • · Make your funeral wishes known
  • · Avoid any future family strife
  • · Avoid any errors when writing a will template

Last Will and Testament Templates For Chartity Donations+

For many people, a big part of will creation will consider charity, too. We're happy to say that since we’ve been in business, we've helped people to bequeath multi millions of pounds to charity. It's very easy to factor this into your will as you go through our process.

Finally, and most importantly perhaps, you will have more money to leave behind as this service is absolutely free!

Start Creating Your Last Will and Testament Template Today!+

If you need will aid simply click through to our simple will writing service by pressing "Start my will now", and we'll take you through some short and easy questions to help you generate your will. It follows a three-step process:

  • · Let us know your wishes
  • · Print it off once the PDF is generated
  • · Sign it with two witnesses, and it is done!

You can start writing your will right now and be finished in the time it takes to read this page!