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Searching For A Mirror Will Writing Service?+

At FreeWills, we understand all too well the stress that can come from even thinking about your will. For some, death is a bleak and messy topic that’s best left for later. For others, it’s an extremely serious affair that requires just the right solicitor to make sure your assets are properly handled. Of course, that last will and testament template solicitor comes with fees, and many of us decide, not unfairly, that those fees aren’t worth paying right now; after all, you won’t need a will for a long time, right?

Because we understand these concerns, we at FreeWills have endeavoured to make will writing as easy, stress-free, and affordable as possible without sacrificing any professionalism. When we say, “as affordable as possible,” we mean it—there are no costs to you throughout the whole process, hidden or otherwise! As the fastest growing will writing service in the UK, we have handled all sorts of wills, including mirror wills, so by choosing us, you’re putting yourself in good hands.

Why Choose 'Free Wills' To Write Your Mirror Will?+

Our most obvious and immediate benefit is that it's completely free to make a will, but that’s not our only virtue. We’ve grown this fast for a few reasons:

  • · Each and every will we write is checked and vetted by a legal expert to ensure it’s legally impeccable and properly worded.
  • · We don’t rely exclusively on templates; if you need your will customised, we’re happy to make that happen.
  • · Unlike many other similar services, we are full members of the Society of Will Writers, so we’re recognised as reputable by other industry professionals.
  • · Putting together a will with us is fast, but if you need more than one sitting to do it, that’s perfectly okay; your data is saved as you input it in case you need to come back later.
  • · Your will is delivered directly to your device as a PDF document; you needn’t go anywhere.
  • · You can alter your will as many times as you like; it’s free every time!
  • · We have a phenomenal number of independent reviews on Trustpilot too, so if you’d like to hear from others with similar needs and goals, you have plenty to choose from!

When to Choose a Mirror Will?+

Do you wholly trust your partner? Do you share the same intentions for your assets? Do you have children you want to be sure are provided for? Do you want your assets to remain in your loved ones’ hands? If the answer to these questions is yes, then mirror wills are ideal for you. These two nearly identical wills differ only in who the will belongs to and who the main beneficiary is; everything else is the same. In the UK, mirror wills are an excellent way of controlling your assets regardless of which of you passes away first.

However, just because mirror wills in the UK start out identical does not mean they are required to remain that way. That’s why the trust is crucial—if you or your partner decide to change your will, nothing legally forces you to tell them or vice versa. It’s also an excellent idea to triple check that you both want the same thing. If, for example, one of you wants to make a large charity donation but the other does not, you’re better served by having differing wishes in your wills. In either case, we can help!

Whatever your decision ultimately is, FreeWills is still happy to provide you with 30 minutes of free counsel about our free online will service when you get in touch with us.