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Quick and Easy DIY Will Kits

We know better than most that getting your affairs in order can sometimes be complicated, messy, and convoluted. In fact, at FreeWills, we don’t recklessly encourage everyone to use our will writing service for the sake of maximising customers; if you own properties outside the UK, own a business or a farm or have complicated family matters to address in your Will, we're not for you and we recommend you look elsewhere for assistance instead. Every life is different, which makes every end-of-life preparation different.

But it’s not always that complicated. Sometimes, you just want everything that’s yours to go to your partner or your children, or another close loved one. Sometimes your wishes are so straightforward that you’d rather take care of them yourself rather than hire a solicitor. After all, you shouldn’t need an expensive lawyer just to ensure your partner gets everything that’s yours in the end. If that’s your case, we’re happy to offer DIY will kits that make it easy to draft your own simple will, complete with all the correct legal wording, and the opportunity to alter your will as many times as you need before signing it, and various versions depending on who you’re leaving your assets to, among other details.

Some Questions to Consider When Using DIY Will Kits

Before using our will kit service to put together your own will, you’ll want to decide a few things. While you can alter your will as many times as you like for free with FreeWills will services, it’s still good to be sure! Here are some things to consider:

  • Who is your main beneficiary?

    This is the person who will receive the majority of your assets from your will, so this decides most concerns regarding your property and its distribution. Many people leave all their possessions to their partner or their children but it’s also possible to divide these possessions amongst your family. If you’d like to name multiple beneficiaries in your will, that’s notably different to a will with a single beneficiary.

  • Who is your executor?

    The Executor is the individual legally in charge of handling any instructions you leave behind in your last will and testament kit. You’ll want someone you trust, but you’ll also preferably want to appoint a financially savvy loved one with time to devote to your Will; executors frequently have to figure if any taxes are due on a Will and pay them through the appropriate channels. You’ll also want your executor to have no personal conflicts with your instructions. If, for example, you and your partner have different religious beliefs about how to handle human remains, you’ll want to discuss this with them.

  • Do you need to name a guardian?

    If you have children under the age of eighteen, it’s wise to name a legal guardian in case anything happens to their parent(s). Your legal guardian should be aware of and fully willing to take this responsibility on, as it involves everything from schooling to healthcare to emotional support.

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If you have everything figured out, we’re ready to help with your DIY will kits. The process is quick, easy, clear and reliable.

To get started on your Will, click on the button on this page. If you’d like further advice on how to handle your affairs, we’re here to help.