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We understand the stress of will writing. How do you even begin to format your will, much less fill it in with the appropriate legal language? That’s before getting into the specifics that will be in the document, which can sometimes be more than one has thought out beforehand. Which of your assets do you intend to secure for your loved ones? How clearly must they be specified? Are there any taxes or legal quirks that come into play for anything included in your will? How might that affect your loved ones after you’re gone?

We haven’t just listed all these potentially stressful questions for the fun of it; FreeWills can help you make a will quickly, clearly, accessibly, and with minimal stress so that the above concerns needn’t be delays or complications. As full members of the Society of Will Writers, we’re recognised in the industry for delivering legally appropriate and comprehensive wills to our customers. After you make a will for free with Free Wills you can amend your will as many times as you want, and your will can be of any format, template, or type; it will still be absolutely free for you. We’re growing faster than any other company of this type in the UK, so you’ll be one of the many thousands of people who have trusted our will services and benefitted from them.

Why Choose 'Free Wills' To Write Your Mirror Will?

Many people hire a solicitor to help them create a will, which puts a lot of the process entirely out of their hands. With our service, you’ll feel much more in control and involved, and you’ll save a lot of money, too. Many last will and testaments in the UK are written using our service and only takes around fifteen minutes, but there are a handful of steps:

  • · First, you’ll answer a series of questions that will help us determine how to word your will. These include your details, your funerary preferences, your intentions for your assets, and so on. Once we’ve gone through all the necessary questions, we’ll draft with the right legal wording.
  • · Next, matters of beneficiaries, executors, and guardians will be asked as well. Your executor is your trusted loved one who will act on your will once you’ve passed away; your main beneficiary receives the most from your will. If you have any children under 18, it’s also a good idea to designate guardians to handle their education, health, and upbringing should anything happen to their parents unexpectedly.
  • · Once all this has been settled, we’ll have a solicitor that we employ review the drafted will to make sure it’s ready for you; every single will we write is reviewed this way to make sure we’re doing our job. We also regularly consult with legal experts to make sure our practices remain up to date and professional.
  • · After that, your will shall be sent to you in convenient PDF format for you to read over and print.
  • · Finally, once you’re satisfied with the result, you’ll be instructed on how to properly sign your new will. Don’t worry; we provide detailed instructions to make sure there’s no confusion or errors.

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