Why Free Wills Are Free

Are your wills really free?

Yes. All wills created via this website are 100% free. There are no catches. There are optional upgrades, but they are entirely optional. Think of it in much the same way that most apps on a smartphone are free, but a small percentage of people pay for optional upgrades. It is these options that keep the service free for the overwhelming majority of people.

How can that be the case?

We have made it our mission to change the way people get Wills. Some 60% of adults in the UK don’t have a Will, meaning that well over 30 million people run the risk of having their estates distributed according to the laws of intestacy. We want to help change that.

How do you make money?

We are profitable. We make money in several ways, including cross-sells on complementary products, making commissions on partnerships and running adverts on some pages on this website. We feel that if we deliver a quality Will product, people are more likley to come back to us for paid services in the future, such as Lasting Power of Attorneys.


Why do you do wills for free?

We are often asked, quite understandably, why we offer our Free Will service twelve months a year and not just as part of a Free Wills Month promotion and the simple answer is that we genuinely want to help people, yet there are many additional benefits for us in providing a high quality free Will writing service.
Firstly, this service brings many new customers to us every month. A large percentage of those go on to use us for other paid-for services.
Secondly, it differentiates us from other Will writing companies, and solicitors who write Wills.
Thirdly, it allows us to generate substantial sums for charity via donations and legacies that our customers write into their Wills.
Finally, raising substantial sums for charity allows us to develop formal partnerships with the charities we raise money for. This adds to our reputation and credibility and it also incentivises those charities to promote our service to their supporters and members.
All in all, it's a classic win-win situation, whereby you get the Will you need, we help raise funds for Charity, and we achieve our mission of helping people get a Will.

Can I really write a will online without a solicitor?

Yes. There is absolutely no need to use a solicitor to draw up your Will. We have worked with expert legal advisors to make sure that our Wills are fully legal in terms of the wording. Most solicitors use a boiler plate template, whereas our software system creates fully personalised Wills. To put your mind at rest, all Wills cretaed on our site are checked, vetted and approved by fully qualified practising solicitors.

Why should I use you?

We are fully experienced Will writers and are full members of the Society of Will Writers, a regulatory body with strict criteria to join.

What do others say?

Check out this reviews of FreeWills.co.uk page and see what many thousands of others have said about the service they have received from FreeWills.

Why should I make a Will now?

You know that you should have a Will. You know that without a Will the law decides who inherits your estate, and with a Will you decide. No-one knows what is around the corner, and if you put off writing your Will until you need it, it may be too late. Remember, we will provide you with a high quality, convenient, easy to use online Will writing service - and best of all it won't cost you a penny. So let's get it done now.