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Trying to Find a Quality Will Writing Service in the UK?+

It is, unfortunately, true that many people put off will writing until it is perhaps too late. Many studies show that as many as 60% of adults in the UK don't have a will. That can have catastrophic consequences for those they leave behind, creating sources of confusion, family strife, and even resentment for the deceased. It means that vast sums of money are often being distributed elsewhere and not used to take care of those we love the most.

However, we don't believe it is likely that people are so reticent when it comes to writing a will in the UK. It is hardly surprising, in fact, given how complicated it can seem at times, not to mention the extraordinary sums of money that some solicitors can charge to write a will. But times are changing, and the ways in which people get access to will services and legal support are changing too.

A Free Online Will Writing Service+

We are here to provide an online will writing service that has been specifically developed to help people get free access to the service they require in order to leave something behind for their loved ones. We've made it our mission to reframe how people get access to a will writing service and make the whole process of it transparent and easy to understand for everyone.

We believe in honesty and reliability when it comes to helping you get the support you need. As a small company, we know how difficult it can be to wade through the complex legal jargon to get the answers you need when you need them. It is this ethos that has built our reputation and allowed us to deal with more than 20,000 free wills in the UK annually, helping countless people win their peace of mind over their legacy.

Intelligent Will Writing Software Developed with Legal Expertise+

The central part of our offer is our free will writing online service. This has been developed in conjunction with a team of legal experts who have a wide range of experience in estate planning and will writing services in the UK. We created a unique integral software engine that compiles all the variables and necessary aspects of will writing, and, with our expert's guidance, we've rebuilt the language to make it more accessible and easier to understand.

The end result is a last will and testament template that is both legally sound and completely adaptable to your requirements. When you've gone through the process, you'll have a will that is tailored to your needs and specific estate. Just a short process to make a will with very little effort on your part, and you'll soon have a highly personalised will ready to print out and sign!

What is Included In Your Will?+

There are a few things we will look at when generating a will, and we'll ask you questions on the things that are most important after you die. This will include things like:

  • How you would like your estate distributed
  • Which possessions will be going where
  • Who you would like named as your executors
  • How you would like your children taking care of and by whom
  • Any funeral arrangements you would like to be made.

Many people across the UK are very generous in their wills when it comes to giving to charity. We've been very pleased to be part of this and have helped facilitate the gifting of multi millions of pounds to charity over the years. This will also be part of our considerations when we write a will for you.

Understanding Executors and Guardians In Your Will+

It is worth considering a few elements before you go through with our will writing service. Of course, one of the major considerations that people often think about is who the money they have saved is going to go towards, and this is difficult for anyone to advise on. It is a personal decision and must be made with a sound mind and good judgement. However, there are things that you might like to know about two aspects of your will:

Will Executors

One of the most important things put in your will is who your executor/s will be. These will be either individuals or organisations who will deal with your estate after you've died and must be trusted enough to be given the responsibility to make sure your wishes are carried out. Many people like to have multiple executors to ensure greater transparency and less conflict. They will apply to a legal authority so that they can manage your estate and wrap up your assets after debts and funeral costs are paid off. It might be worth considering a professional executor, as they will often have prior experience with inheritance tax and legal matters. This will be of great comfort to those you leave behind.

Will Guardians

This will be an important matter for those who have children and is certainly something that requires a great deal of thought. Any children you have under the age of 18, if there is no other person who has parental responsibility, will need to be taken care of by a legal guardian. Before you name this person, you need to have a long conversation not only with them but of course with your children as well. It is worth noting that if your children receive any of your estates, there will be a certain amount of control from whoever you name as guardian.

Our Will Writing Services Are The Most Convenient In The UK+

Having considered some of your options carefully when it comes to writing a will, you'll now be ready to put it all together! In fact, you are only 15 minutes away from having it all tied up. The process is very straightforward and can be started right away:

  • Click on 'Start my will now.'
  • Share your details on our secure server
  • Print your will
  • Have two witnesses ready to see you’ve signed the document.

If you have been searching for 'will writers near me' but have been unable to find an affordable service, then why not contact us today. You may be looking for will writing services in London or will writing in Manchester, where ever you are searching for know that Free Wills is an easy online alternative. Your last will and testament will now be legally binding! However, remember that you can also change it at any time for free!