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Will Services in the UK

We’re committed to first-class customer service at FreeWills. That’s why you’ll never be charged for any of our will writing services at any stage. Do you want to alter a will you’ve already made with us? Do you want to make a completely different will? Would you just like to contact us and receive some advice? All of this is completely free to you. That might inspire some savvy sceptics to wonder how we can be a reputable service when we operate without charging customers, but as full members of the Society of Will Writers, we’re recognised and respected in the field.

As for charity, we help thousands of our customers donate millions of pounds each year to non-profits around the world. In one year alone, £25 million went to more than 800 charities through our customers’ wishes. Thanks to our partnerships and connections to many of these organisations, it’s incredibly easy for them to receive donations as legacy pledges. So, if you’d like to make sure your will is legally proper, reviewed by an expert, and handled by a company that does good things, you’ve found the right will services.

What Sort of Will Aid Do You Need?

It’s a simple question, but it does determine how our will aid can help you make a will. Are you a single parent? Do you have children to whom you’d like to leave everything? If your assets are simple and straightforwardly intended, then we’re the perfect service for you. However, we recommend a different approach if you have a farm, property outside the country, or a business you’d like to handle in your last will and testament.

If you have children who are not yet legal adults, we can help you name a guardian to look after them until they are of age. If you’d like to name an executor to handle the taxation, inheritance costs, and other money matters in your will, our service accounts for that.

Similarly, if you’d like your will to be the same as your partner’s, we’re equipped to help both of you! Mirror wills, or joint wills, are not uncommon, and they’re an excellent resource for a couple with aligned goals for their property. Often, this is because your partner is the sole beneficiary of your will if you pass away first, and you are theirs if they pass away first. These are especially useful if you trust your partner completely and don’t expect their goals to suddenly greatly differ from yours.

Benefits of Will Services For UK Residents

You may be wondering, “why have a will at all?” There are actually many advantages to our will services helping you clearly stating how you want your possessions handled after death:

  • · If you do not have a clear beneficiary upon death, your assets may be claimed by the government; even if you have children, they may not automatically inherit anything of yours, and the law can be tricky and convoluted in such cases.
  • · By specifying how you want your body handled, you avoid many a heated and painful argument in your family about whether cremation is appropriate or whether a religious service is what’s right.
  • · If you have younger children with no clear guardian named if their parents pass away, their custody may be a long and stressful legal process during which their lives may be chaotic. If you want a relative or friend to watch over your kids in your absence, write it down!

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