Free Wills Month

This month you can get your Will written for FREE.

What is Free Wills Month

What is Free Wills Month? When most people think about Free Wills Month they refer to a program that's been running in the UK biannually for a number of years now that provides the opportunity for individuals aged 55 and over to have a will professionally written at no cost. The term Free Wills Month is not trademarked and the monthly free offer is in the process of being superseded by the availability of Free Wills Months every single month of the year by forward thinking online Will writing companies such as

The idea of the Free Wills Month campaign was to provide a chance for people to easily write a Will for free and to benefit selected charities (who would pay to be included in the list of participating charities).

Key Takeaways

  • Free Wills Month is a non-trademarked biannual event offering individuals aged over 55 free will-writing services, aimed at encouraging estate planning and providing peace of mind regarding asset distribution and legacy.

  • Appointments during Free Wills Month operate on a first-come, first-served basis, necessitating early booking, especially since the event is localised and not nationwide, with only a limited number of solicitors participating in the scheme and providing a limited number of appointments.

  • While Free Wills Month focuses on simple wills, participants are also educated on the difference between simple and complex wills, and can pay extra for extra clauses to be written into their Wills, which truth be told is in the participating solicitors interest to get them to do so.

Understanding Free Wills Month

Elderly couple discussing will-writing services

Free Wills Month highlights the importance of estate planning but restricted the scheme to individuals over 55 is restricting, whci is why companies like FreeWills are admired as they offer no such age restrictions. During this campaign, the lure of a free will-writing service with a special emphasis on crafting simple wills is put forward. The simplicity doesn't undermine the importance; these wills are the keystones of financial and familial peace of mind, allowing you to dictate the future of your assets and legacy.

The Free Wills Month campaign aims to help every eligible individual tidy up their affairs without the financial burden. Whether you're looking to draft your first will or update an existing one, this initiative provides an invaluable opportunity.

Timing and Frequency of Free Wills Month

Free Wills Month is a misnomer as it is offered twice a year - so really should be called Free Wills Months. March and October are the two opportunities every year for individuals aged over 55 to engage in the initiative and secure their estate. Keep in mind though, it's not available everywhere. In fact it's staggering how limited it is. Its reach extends selectively into certain regions, as many solicitors choose not to get involved in the initiative.

Free Wills Month serves a purpose by hghlighting how easy it is to write a Will and raise funds for selected causes. Free Wills Month shines a light on different charitable needs while showcasing the varied advantages of participating in this campaign.

The Mechanics of Free Wills Month

The Free Wills Month website is the first port of call here and it will be necessary to provide your details via he FreeWills Month website before anything further happens.

  1. Solicitors who are part of Free Wills Month schme have to be approached to secure an appointment.

  2. Appointments during the month are limited and given on a first-come, first-served basis.

  3. This uncomplicated approach facilitates easy access for eligible participants seeking a free will service.

The Drawbacks of Free Wills Month

There are anumber of drawbacks of the scheme. 1.IIt is only avialibel to those saged 55 or over; 2. It's a cumbersoem application procees and 3. Solicitor availaiblity is very limited - both in terms of localilty and number of appointments available. It's worth noting that there is often more interest in these appointments than availability participating solicitors allows, potentially leading to an early end for the campaign if capacity for the appointment of solicitors is reached too soon. It's important to act quickly and schedule your meeting promptly..

Many UK charities depend a lot on gifts in Wills and pay to be chosen charities as part of this bi-annual event. There are 160,000 plus registered charities in the UK but in its current guise, the free wills month scheme only provides for a fraction of these, and generally those with deep pockets.

Finding a solicitor local to you that is part of the scheme is often difficult. Also you generally have to meet with the solicitor at their convenience in their office, and once again there is limited availability here as solicitors only allocate a certain number of hours to the scheme.

Although most people only require simple Wills, you will have to pay for anything beyond this.

Eligibility and Participation in Free Wills Month

Elderly individuals signing a legal document

Participating in Free Wills Month is limited to those aged 55 and above, or couples where at least one partner fits the age criteria. Backed by a number of larger charities, with big budgets including household names such as Age UK, it enables you to have your will professionally crafted while saving on legal fees.

Slots are limited so to ensure you take advantage of this beneficial service, it's crucial to book your appointment promptly.

Benefits of Joining Free Wills Month

Free Wills Month provides a wealth of advantages that go beyond the elimination of fees. It allows for your will to be crafted by professionals, creating an intricate representation of your life's achievements and affections which ensures that your assets are allocated exactly as you intend. This vital document stands in for you when you're no longer able to express yourself, thereby reducing potential disputes within the family or legal issues regarding how you wanted your estate managed.

During Free Wills Month, individuals have the opportunity to draft wills that not only may lessen inheritance taxes but also offer fiscal safeguards for loved ones, especially unmarried partners who might otherwise not receive due recognition under standard legal provisions. For those advanced in years or facing vulnerabilities, this initiative is a light cutting through complexity and uncertainty associated with dying without leaving behind any testamentary instructions (intestate).

Additional Free Will Writing Options

During free to write wills month work however, if participating in Free Wills Month isn't an option or you prefer a different approach, there are a variety of online will-writing services to choose from. These platforms provide cost-effective solutions for creating legal documents and some like FreeWills offer a free online will writing service twelve months of the year. This service is part of their ongoing efforts to make writing wills accessible and affordable for everyone.

The advantages of using an online platform for drafting your will are significant and many allow you to complete a legally sound document promptly, often within 15 minutes. Checks by experts or reviews done by a solicitor add layers of assurance about the accuracy and legality of these documents. Opting for this method is particularly appealing due to its speed combined with reliability. It offers substantial convenience alongside continuous flexibility should updates be needed later on.

Charity Involvement During Free Wills Month

Group of charity staff discussing will-writing

During Free Wills Month, the generosity inherent in this initiative spreads to charitable actions as approximately 20 UK charities collaborate with local solicitors. Be aware that legacy income is now vital for UK charities as they often represent a significant portion of their funding. By absorbing the costs associated with legal complications along with writing wills for charity, these non-profit organisations not only simplify the process for individuals, but also plant the potential for future benevolence.

Although it's completely voluntary to leave a legacy gift when arranging a free will writing session within Free Wills Month, there is an underlying encouragement to do so. It represents an opportunity to contribute towards something meaningful that resonates personally with you, allowing your impact to continue into broader community concerns posthumously. There exists a range of gifts one might choose from and professional guidance by way of the services of a solicitor can help detail options ranging from monetary gift bequests, residuary bequests to particular item gifts to charity.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Before you commence the important process of creating your will, it is essential to be well-prepared. Since spots for appointments during Free Wills Month are eagerly sought after and tend to be snapped up quickly, gathering all necessary information beforehand is a prudent move. You should have ready a detailed inventory of your assets and liabilities, as well as clear decisions on beneficiaries, legacies, and the contact details of those you want to mention in your will.

Coming into an appointment with this information at hand not only makes the process more efficient, but also aids your chosen solicitor in tailoring a will that accurately represents what you aim for it to achieve.

Understanding Simple vs. Complex Wills

Comprehending the nuances between a well written simple will and a complex will is crucial when considering what is included during Free Wills Month. Simple wills are often written and designed to outline clear instructions on how one's estate should be divided, who should look after minor children, and who will carry out the wishes of the deceased as executor—this kind of well written, straightforward estate planning document constitutes what Free Wills Month typically offers at no charge.

On the other hand, more complex wills, that deal with creating trusts or have specific requirements for managing assets usually necessitate more in-depth legal guidance which will lead to extra charges. It's important for individuals participating in Free Wills Month to understand the huge difference between these types of wills so they understand what services they qualify for without cost and when additional costs apply.

How Free Wills Month Supports the Community

Free Wills Month contributes to the wider community beyond just individual perks. It facilitates access to qualified legal guidance on how to manage one's estate, thus helping those deterred by costs get involved in the planning process. This initiative helps bridge the gap in preparedness for legal matters, allowing for vulnerable people to benefit from having their end-of-life plans established.

During this wills month campaign, individuals are encouraged to think about giving a gift in their will to a local charity. Such acts can profoundly influence local organisations many charities such as Minds that support mental health initiatives. By doing so, it not only aids these charities’ continuity vital services, but the gift also allows individuals’ legacy to have an enduring and positive impact within their communities.

Navigating the Free Wills Month Website

Website screenshot of Free Wills Month search tool

The Free Wills Month campaign is supported by a website that acts as a hub for finding solicitors who are partaking in the event. This site helps you locate nearby legal firms where you can arrange an appointment. By doing so, you can secure your place for the solicitor or next available session either in March or October, ensuring that this chance does not pass you by.

To establish more credibility, the site really should also draw attention to permanent free will services such as that offered by that enable people to create a Will for free every month of the year. Also, does not restrict applications by age - with their offering you can write Wills if you are aged 18 and over. So if you miss out on a particular Free Wills Month occurrence, there remains constant access throughout the year as the service covers completely free wills throughout the year, thereby providing continuous support beyond just March or October campaigns.

Next Free Wills Month Dates

March 2024 is the next Free Wills Month, an occasion which provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to make free wills month work for them.


In conclusion, Free Wills Month stands as a testament to the power of proactive planning and the spirit of community. It's an initiative that not only helps individuals secure their futures, but also supports wider society through charitable pledges. As we’ve seen, the benefits of appointing a participating solicitor (if you one is available in your area) are worthwhile, from the professional drafting of wills to the potential savings and the opportunity to leave a lasting impact through gifts in wills.

Let this be a call to action: consider the legacy you wish to leave your loved ones behind and seize the opportunity that Free Wills Month brings. Whether you choose to partake in the next campaign or explore other online will-writing options, the important thing is to take that step towards ensuring your wishes are honoured and your loved ones are protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does free wills month work?

The free wills month service enables individuals to create a simple will via a participating solicitor, at no cost, in theory. While these simple will services often present an opportunity for the individual to leave a gift or legacy to one of the charities in their simple will, this contribution to chosen charities is entirely voluntary and not obligatory.

What does Free Wills Month cover?

Free wills months covers the basic will-writing service which is provided at no cost for straightforward simple wills. Should the particular requirements of your situation necessitate more intricate legal guidance, there will be extra charges beyond the basic free wills month service which covers the writing of simple wills.

Is there a catch to free wills month?

Indeed, providers of free will services might attempt to enlist you for additional paid offerings like estate executorship. Remain vigilant against any concealed commitments.

What are the other flaws of free wills month?

There are serval flaws with free wills month as it stands. 1. You have to be aged 55 plus; 2.There has to be a firm of solicitors local to you that are involved; 3. They have to allocate space in their diaries to provide this service; 4. It it is only for two months of the year; 5. only a very limited number of charities take part.

What other options are there?

If you want to leave a gift in your Will to ANY charity, you should consider using the services of where you can get your Will sorted form the comfort of your own home, with ongoing support from fully qualified experts, with your Will fully checked, vetted and authorised by a solicitor, all for free.